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Private Photography Coaching

Been wanting to improve your photography skills?

Register for a private coaching session that is tailor made just for you. Let's fine tune your interests and combine it with a better understanding of your camera, composition techniques and how to work with your images.

Private coaching usually works out best in two sessions. An introductory hour to get an assessment of your objectives and to go over the technical aspects of your specific camera model.

The second session is usually for two hours and is hands-on photography practice with intensive coaching for both composition and technical aspects. The rate is $50.00 per hour

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Photography & Website Portfolio Review

Why hire me for your Portfolio review?

My previous Corporate background as a Human Resource Director allowed me to help others identify and fine tune their personal and professional objectives. With my photography teaching experience I can help from the beginning of taking your picture to knowing how to share it on social media. How do you get your voice out as an Artist?

These are questions that will be answered during this unique and thorough Photography and Website Portfolio Review. Each session will be customized to your needs and will include up to two hours of discussion via Zoom or in a private one-on-one session located in a vacant home near Annapolis, Maryland. The rate is $100.00 for a two-hour session.

Ospreys on the Magothy River

Osprey Extravanganza

Ospreys are plentiful along the Magothy River along the Chesapeake Bay. Close to Annapolis, Maryland Osprey fill the landscape and nest on nearly every piling along the river. This Private photography Osprey Extravaganza will include exclusive access to a nesting pair of Osprey by land, and then an afternoon two-hour cruise by boat on the Magothy River to visit the many Osprey nests along the way.

INCLUDED IN THIS PRIVATE OSPREY EXTRAVAGANZA • 2 Hour private boat ride on the Magothy River • 2 Hours private session on land with nesting osprey • 3 Hours of private photography coaching throughout the visit.

The rate is $250.00 per person and is weather dependent. Offered during the months of May, June and July.

Located near Severna Park, Maryland.

Cascade Falls, Patapsco Valley State Park

Nature Photography Guide Service - Maryland

Maryland offers many beautiful places to visit as well as nearby Delaware or Washington D.C. How does one know where and when to go for the best opportunities for Nature and Wildlife photography?

As an inquisitive and well explored Nature and Wildlife Maryland photographer, I can share with you some of my favorite locations as well as other lesser known beautiful places and guide you with your photographic gear on how to achieve the best nature images.

This service offers Private guiding services in Maryland and perhaps in Delaware or Washington D.C. depending on the season. Timing will be arranged to fit into your schedule. Early mornings are best for sunrise opportunities, while a little later start in the morning may work on overcast days or due to park opening schedules.

Contact me and we can discuss what opportunities are best available depending on when you would like to go out. Arrangements will be made to meet on location with appropriate Social Distancing and Face Coverings for safety.

The rate is $100.00 for three hours.


• Three hours minimum expert guide services in the field enjoying Nature's beauty. • Photography coaching provided during the outing to aid you in achieving the best images possible. • We will maximize all photographic subjects throughout the outing, whether it be wildlife, or landscapes. Everything offers a photo opportunity. • Equipment loan if needed. Ex. Filters, Tripod, etc. • Snack and refreshments in field to keep you going. o Note: It is possible I might photograph along with you. Watch and learn!

Join me and let's explore together!

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Equine & Pet Portraits

As a horse owner and a professional photographer, there is no one better suited to capture your Equine and portraits.

With a great understanding of animal behavior, conformation and what works best with your horse or pet your photography session will be relaxed and enjoyable for everyone. 

Let's capture those tender moments you share with your furry friend to make the memories last. The rate is $150.00 for up to two hours.


* Up to two hours per animal/pet to capture the best images for your enjoyment. 

* Plenty of time available for wardrobe changes if you so desire.

* All quality images are provided and available for purchase or download digitally. No image limit.