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Birds of Prey Field Shoot

Spring: April 2, April 8, 2017

Autumn: October 15 & 21, 2017

Huntley Meadows, Virginia

Strong grasping feet equipped with sharp talons, a hooked upper beak, and excellent binocular vision are the features that qualify eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, and even vultures as raptors, or birds of prey. These beautiful creatures are amazing to watch let alone photograph. Participants will have the opportunity to photograph 8 magnificent raptors including several owls, falcons, and hawks. Although these are wild birds, they are not able to be returned to nature, instead they are cared for by the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia. We’ll be in a wooded setting and will photograph them (as they are tethered) on a fallen tree, a stump or other natural perch. We’ll work with each participant helping with exposure settings, lighting, composition and focus to make sure everyone captures outstanding photos. Our location for this class is at Huntley Meadows Park, a 1,500 acre oasis of Northern Virginia. You’ll find majestic forests, wildflower-speckled meadows, vast wetlands and incredible birding as well. Some of the best wildlife watching in the area is enjoyed here so when the class is over explore the ½ mile wetland boardwalk trail and observation tower. You’ll find beavers, frogs, dragonflies and herons and more.


Bald Eagles at Conowingo Dam

Photography Workshop

November 4, 8 & 18, 2017

The majesty of the American Bald Eagle captivates everyone’s spirit. A representative of freedom with their six foot wingspans and sharp talons, these birds of prey inspire us all. During the wintering months between November and January, a large number of Bald Eagles are known to gather on the Susquehanna River at Conowingo Dam. Located on the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland, this is one of the best places to photograph them on the east coast. A large hydroelectric dam, the water action of Conowingo attract a wide variety of bird life including great blue herons, gulls, and cormorants along with the eagles. With the turbines running, shad fish are stunned making easy fishing for all. There are many wonderful spots along the dam to view and photograph the eagles and provide a variety of captures include Birds in Flight, fishing and fighting, to a perched eagle dining on a freshly caught fish. Suitable for photographers of all levels, this class will offer plenty of opportunity to work on capturing birds in flight, creating a story with your images, setting proper exposure for changing conditions, and learning about bird behavior.

Workshops offered through Capital Photography Center